Aims and Objectives



The main aim of this study program is to respond to the needs of society and economy for a better skilled workforce in food science and biotechnology professions. In achieving this aim, the objectives of this study program are to:


  • Offer a suitable and exciting study and learning environment for students that want to shape their future professions in food science, food technology, food processing and agro-business;
  • Provide flexible opportunities for students to study gain relevant knowledge and skills that are demanded in the labor market and food industry;
  • Provide opportunities for young people and other interested individuals for new professions that ensure a quick transition to employment;
  • Combine international know how and good praxes as well as domestic potential for developing a cadre of skillful graduates that will supply skill gaps in economy;
  • Have an impact in a medium-to-long term development of Kosovo economy


Learning Outcomes


After successful completion of this study program the students will be able to:


  • Gain basic knowledge on row materials, semi-products, final products, about the management and marketing of food products;
  • Get an understanding about the processing of animal and vegetable products;
  • Understand and apply standards and regulations about food processing and safety;
  • Understand and use methods for analyzing and controlling the quality of food products and their nutritional values;
  • Understand and determine terms for accumulation and storing of raw material for industrial production;
  • Understand and apply the technology for food chain processing, from gathering and storing raw material to final production;
  • Understand and apply the food safety standards throughout all phases of food chain processing, by eliminating potential biological, chemical and physical risks;
  • Get knowledge and familiarized with laboratory environment, equipment and processes;
  • Recognize and distinct organic food products and genetically modified products;
  • Get an understanding and knowledge about nutrition sciences, and their applicability to nutrition practices of different groups of people (children, pregnant women, people with different health problems, people dealing with sport activities, and so on);
  • Undertake innovative designing of products, implementation of relevant production systems, as well as apply new approaches of product packaging and marketing;