The study program is open to those who have passed the National Matura. A candidate will be eligible for admission if he/she meets the minimum company admission requirements of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.


Necessary documents

  • Registration request form (Application) which is received at the Student Service Office (SSU);
  • Diploma/Certificate for completing secondary school;
  • High school certificates;
  • Birth extract;
  • Two photographs;
  • Autobiography (CV) for the knowledge he has.


The development and others of the study program in the Science of Food and Biotechnology is in line with the mission and purpose of the UBT to remain stable and the society of the economy of Kosovo. In several years and its fields, including this study program. The diversity of the academic, research and professional staff of UBT has enabled that it is a very large profile of graduates in this study program, with professional, academic and research skills.