Teaching and Learning

UBT offers continuing education modules for all fields of study so that professionals are always up-to-date. It has signed many “Memorandums of Understanding” and “Cooperation Agreements” for the realization of continuous education, both in theory and practice, with many industries and manufacturing companies. The activity of UBT for continuing education is accredited by the Kosovo Agency for Accreditation (AKA).

Study programs integrate theoretical skills with professional practice and students are well prepared for employment. The ongoing efforts to open interdisciplinary study programs reflect the UBT’s aim to provide the labor market with graduates with enhanced knowledge and skills.

  • Offering a suitable environment for studying for students who want to create the future professional occupation in the field of food science and technology.
  • Equip students with comprehensive education in compliance with comprehensive development of food science and technology, quality assurance and European standards, targeting to fit the specialists of this field with the job trade requirements, not only in Kosovo but abroad as well.
  • Prepares specialists and scientists capable to contribute in food chain process and the storage of food products, for an stable economic and social development of the country.
  • Fulfil the requirements of job market with professional staff through combination of perspective and international experiences and national potencial.
  • Offers the best possibilities to students to gain knowledge, development and advance of required stillness from job market.
  • To create specialists with the practical abilities and professional competence in the field of food technology to be in able to do different expertise in respective fields of food.



In the field of science research:


  • Increasing the level od science research through participation in developing and scientific projects and through improving laboratory infrastructure;
  • Development of scientific research in compliance with the needs of the country based in strategic national sectoral orientation and international goals;
  • To promote continual scientific qualifications of academic staf, creating continuity and sustainibility in the quality of teaching staff.
  • To organise and participate in scientific congreses and conferences, summer academies, special trainings, seminars and workshops.



In the field of services:


  • To effer qualified students of this level in privat and public sector.
  • To offer expertize and technical assistance for public and privat institutions in the country and in the region of food technology field.
  • To offer service for the third parties through rresarch-scintific laboratories in composition of the department and the abilities and competences of trained staff.
  • To offer specialized and qualified opinion of its academic staff through active participation of them to the boards, consiliences, working teams, reviews, public debates etc, inforcing connctions with the Agricultural, Forestry and Rural Development Ministry, Food and Veterinary Agency of Kosovo and with the other actors of this field.
  • To cooperate with scientific-research and professional activities with all business operators of agro-processing, with the aim of process optimisation of food production and strengthen production standards and quality assurance.