Laboratories, Centers and Institutes:

UBT provides the teaching and research process based on the contemporary infrastructure services, which support the delivery of information and facilities management services to the institution.

The adequate long-term implementation of the study program is ensured in quantitative terms as regards premises, human resources and equipment. At the same time, it is guaranteed that qualitative aspects are also taken into account. So, the core infrastructure services including the data centres, network, servers, storage and security, which provides services in support of the institutional’ learning, teaching and research activities. All the teaching auditors are highly well equipped (computers and internet links, fixed projectors) for a normal teaching process.

The faculty’s premise possesses an information reception, academic and administration staff office, library, the photocopy office, information technology office, the Room for clinical and practices hours, the Students Center, the Career Center, Centre for Transfer of Technology (CTT) part of the UBT Institute for Innovation and Enterprise Development (RIED), UBT Stats and UBT Campus Radio.

UBT has a modern infrastructure which is comprised of many campuses and other facilities, which provide the necessary space for studying and research. UBT has a very resourceful library with literature from various fields of study and beyond. UBT also offers its students full access to libraries and electronic academic platforms such as J-store, EBSO, UBT Koha, Sage Journals, which provide students and staff the opportunity to be up-to-date with the recent developments regarding academic affairs.

UBT has developed a unique platform for our country such as the Knowledge Center which, besides serving to students, also serves to the community and other stakeholders for the publication, preservation and management of scientific papers and other projects that are developed within the academic community, staff and students in general.

In addition, these facilities are quite necessary for the staff concerning the administrative aspect and they foster interrelation between student and the academia.

UBT has been part of numerous European Union Projects, aiming to raise its infrastructure. As a result of this collaboration UBT has succeeded in earning projects respectively in; Efficient Energy, Mechatronics Laboratory, GIS Laboratory, Design Studio, Computer Science Lab, TV Studio etc. Along with a wide range of modern infrastructure and facilities, UBT meets the demands in compliance with the most innovative trends required by the international trends.


UBT facilities are spread to different locations as: Dukagjini Campus in Pristine with 5,000 m², Innovation Campus in Lipjan including benches with total of 37,132 m² dedicated to Amphitheaters, Laboratories, Classrooms, Studios, Library, Dental clinic, Clinical room, Advisory Center, Translation Room, Reading hall and offices. In addition, part of the new facility of 27,000 m² will be used as a dormitory, based on the requests made and the needs presented over the years for students who come from regions that need long-term housing.


College UBT is the owner of all facilities in Lipjan and Prishtina where the study program shall be held.


Space and Facilities of UBT Campus in Lipjan


List of Laboratories and Infrastructure spaces:

Nr. Laboratory / Equipment type Nr. Salles /

Nr. Inverters

1 Biology Laboratory  






2 Food Analysis Laboratory F-002
3 Laboratory of Microbiology F-004
4 Biotechnology Laboratory C-003
5 Chemistry Laboratory F-011
6 Production line (Canning and processing) F-015
7 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory F-014
8 Greenhouses F-020
9 Orchard F-021
10 Botanical Garden F-022
11 Laboratory of Mechatronics E-008
12 Conditioner Laboratory F-018
13 Filling miniature F-017
14 Reagent depot F-003
15 Informatics Laboratory F-006
16 Engineering Process E-004
17 Library E-001
18 Hall F-107
19 Hall E-015
20 Hall F-105
21 Hall F-110


Building Room Capacity
E-Kampus E003 30
E-Kampus E005 50
E-Kampus E006 50
E-Kampus E018 100
E-Kampus E019 100
E-Kampus E025 Library 30
E-Annex Annex 1 AMD 50
E-Annex Annex 5 Pc Lab 30
E-Annex Annex 3 50
E-Annex Annex 4 50
F-Kampus F110 120
F-Kampus F105 50
F-Kampus F107 70
G-Kampus G312 50
G-Kampus G306 40
G-Kampus G307 25
G-Kampus G308 25
G-Kampus G309 25
G-Kampus   40
G-Kampus G214 30
I – Kampus I101 120
I – Kampus I102 120
I – Kampus I103 120
I – Kampus I104 120
I – Kampus I105 120
I – Kampus I106 120
I – Kampus I209 30
I – Kampus I207 30
I – Kampus I301 60
I – Kampus I302 60
I – Kampus I303 60
I – Kampus  I304 60
I – Kampus I306 60
I – Kampus I316 60
I – Kampus I307 60
I – Kampus I308 70
I – Kampus I311 60
I – Kampus I312 50
I – Kampus I313 70
I – Kampus I314 80
I – Kampus I315 90
Total capacity of rooms and capacity of students 40 2,585 students