Food Science and Biotechnology

 UBT Food Science and Biotechnology Program Overview



Name of the institution BPRAL UBT College


Faculty/Department Department of Food Science and Technology


Main Campus or Branch Main Campus


Name of the study program BSc Food Science and Technology


Person responsible  





NQF Qualification Level NQF Level 6


Academic degree conferred Bachelor of Food Science and Technology


ECTS 180


Program profile (specialization)



Food Technology


Food Safety and Quality Management


Erasmus Code 01.3 Food Science and Technology (Agriculture Sc.)


Type of study Full-time


Minimum duration of study 3 years






Program  Food Science and Technology


The program was opened in 2016 and accredited by Kosovo Accreditation Agency. The main aim of this study program is to respond to the needs of society and economy for a better skilled workforce in food science and biotechnology professions.  The structure of the three year program offers two common academic years for all students and followed by a concentration year in nutrition, food technology and food quality and safety management. The teaching concept stresses the importance of both theoretical instruction and practical lab experience.


Admission into the program is offered to all students that have met the minimum national and institutional criteria.  It has been designed to offer industry perspectives and best international approaches in food science education. Students are granted access to state of the art learning materials and laboratories.


Erasmus (EU)


01.3 Food Science and Technology

Campus UBT Innovation Campus
Duration 3 years,  180 ECTS
Mode of implementation Full time
Partners UBT, Saint Istvan University, Corvinus University (Hungary)
Qualification Bachelor of Food Science and Technology




Food Technology


Food Quality and Safety Management





1.       Food Industry

2.       Public Institutions

3.       Food Specialist

4.       Nutrition Specialist

5.       Master Studies


Other details


Food Science and Technology Preview (Video)


·         Offered in cooperation and with the support of Saint Istvan University (Hungary)

·         Diploma recognised locally and internationally

·         Program offers Erasmus Mundus/Erasmus + and CEEPUS Student Mobility

·         Program harmonised with EU best practices

·         Additional Training: CISCO, Microsoft, AutoCAD, ECDL, IPMA

·         Moodle platform