Sport Science and Movement

The Sport Science and Movement Faculty of UBT College satisfies the professional requirements and meets the stipulations of the European Union regulating the recognition of professional education. The curriculum and its intended learning outcomes offer a good balance between theory and practice and reflect the standards of sport education at European level, allowing students to meet labor-market needs in their own country as well as qualify for a much wider social and working context in all of Europe.

Sport has impressively developed in modern society, coming to represent a fundamental aspect of individual interests and an expression of group identity.  Physical activity is part of daily lifestyle and is known to promote health and prevention at all ages, as well as school achievement, creativity, socialization, inclusion, etc.  Sport is a large and expanding sector of EU economy (3% of GDP and 3.5% of employment) and the EU mentions sport education among its priority themes, recommending to increase the number and quality of professionals to respond to the high labor-market demand and facilitate work mobility in the EU.

Studies related to sport and movement have become increasingly relevant in scientific research, and been part of university teaching for a long time in Western countries.  The old programs for physical education teachers or trainers, as still present in some Eastern European and other countries, have been updated and extended into research-based sport science curricula, accounting for the broader needs of university education and the changes in the job market. 


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