The Students Admission is regulated by the Faculty Council Regulation on Admission. All applicants within the enrolment quotas for full-time students, who have completed lower and upper secondary school have the right to enroll in a graduate degree for obtaining the academic title of Bachelor in Sport and Movement Science. The Regulation on Graduate Studies determines which secondary school is appropriate for enrolment in the study. Admission to the study is performed based on a public call and the conducted entrance examination. The entrance examination is conducted by the Commission for the Entrance Examination appointed by the Faculty council for a period of three years. Entrance examination includes testing of motor knowledge and skills, and assessment of knowledge in natural and social sciences evaluated by questionnaire. Based on the results of the entrance examination, the Commission creates a ranking list determining which candidates have become entitled to enroll based on the results achieved in the entrance examination and who have psychophysical abilities proven by certificate issued by relevant Institution.