The English language program has a wide diversity in the curriculum and is suitable for high school graduates, and professionals from other fields who are looking for a career change, since knowledge of the English language is necessary for academic success, study abroad, to use for scientific resources as well as to work in any industry.

The program includes a wide range of subjects from both English Language and Literature, as well as interdisciplinary courses. Interdisciplinary courses encourage critical thinking and help students connect concepts across disciplines as well as encourage students to tackle complex problems that cannot be addressed within the boundaries of a single discipline. These courses open doors to collaborative projects, developing team and communication skills, and teaching students to effectively spread their ideas across disciplines. Therefore, there are various opportunities for graduates of the English Language Program to work in the fields of translation, interpretation, journalism, tourism, teaching, media, international relations, business interpretation, editing, and creative writing. Graduates can also pursue their careers in non-governmental organizations, publishing houses, and international organizations, such as the European Union, as well as work in various embassies in Kosovo.


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