1. General English Language
Given that nowadays, English language is a premier medium of communication and science endeavors, UBT College, as one of the renowned higher education institutions in the country, offers the study programme for English Language. We consider this a great opportunity for us to strengthen further on our Curricula offering younger generations of Kosovo and wider to have the opportunity to get qualified as English language professionals, commensurate to the needs of the current labour market in the country and wider.The program accommodates a wide diversity of backgrounds and learning environments. The curriculum is appropriate for: new secondary school graduates, professionals seeking to upgrade their skills and professionals from other fields seeking a change in careers.


2. Translation
The English Language program has a wide variety of curricula and is suitable for high school graduates, and professionals from other fields seeking a career change. The proposal includes a wide range of subjects from both English language and literature as well as interdisciplinary subjects. In the third year of study, students can choose the specialization in translation or continue with general English.