Teaching and Learning

UBT BSc Teaching and Learning Concept

The academic calendar provides information on the data set for the academic year, receiving information on the start and end of lectures, exam deadlines, registration deadlines and taking the exam.

The academic calendar is approved at the beginning of each year. An academic year lasts 30 weeks and is divided into two semesters: winter semester and summer semester (both of 15 weeks) with three regular exam deadlines in these deadlines (January, June and September). The normal weight of studies is 30 ECTS credits per semester. In order to have student status, one must have at least 45 ECTS credits per academic year. The basic document for the organization of studies during the semester is timetable, through which it is intended to achieve a fair solution and equal to the weight of studies throughout the study time.


Teaching: Teaching goes through interactive lectures, seminars, and individual lessons. The common practice is to have lectures and exercises during the week as they are in the curriculum trade. Depending on the pedagogical approaches, some units may have a more direct learning. In many subjects, students read some compulsory materials, usually 15-20 pages per lesson. Also, the required works are penalized searches up to 15 pages. Seminar sessions are opportunities offered to students to discuss the topic of the week and get additional opinions on specific topics. Therefore, participation in the seminar is mandatory. The Moodle electronic platform makes professor-student communication much easier. In this platform professors can place all the materials relevant to their subject, organize online quizzes, communicate test results, send various notices to the standards, as well as answer students’ questions.


Assessment: Assessment will be completed throughout the semester based on work, individual work, reports as well as mid-semester exams and written conclusions. All courses are visible in the Faculty Plan, where each major main bus must be considered in the Curriculum as well as mandatory. During the years of study, the requirements are included in individual work, in seminars, recent projects up to the year of study, where the student must work a degree with the theme of study from the Faculty, working criteria according to the study criteria in the system of Bologna. The written exam has a weight of 50-60%, while other activities complete 40-50% of the final grade.