Industry Partnership

The English Language Department will be in close cooperation with the Career Center at UBT which is one of the most important centers that link the academy to the industry and the labor market through professional orientation, counseling and development of students. Career Center through professional services helps building and preparing students in the development and application of soft skills through different professional trainings, which are important for a job, the students` information and practices- internship and externship, as well as cares about the employment barometer and other interconnections with the Alumni network.


Internship is one of the core services at the Career Center that establishes a good foundation of institutional co-operation with firms, companies, and local and international organizations so that students have employment opportunities and start thinking about their careers. UBT is planning that the students’ internship will enable them to successfully combine theoretical and practical knowledge as required by the labor market. The internship is realized in different partner companies with which UBT has a cooperation agreement.  Furthermore, UBT is constantly involved in collaboration with various media and newspapers, hotels and embassies where our students can be involved in internships.


UBT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with various institutions in Kosovo where students can do their internship, such as:


  • Kosovo Media Institute
  • Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
  • Ministry of Local Government Administration
  • National University Library of Kosovo
  • RTK (Radio Television of Kosovo)