The program has access to modern infrastructure equipped with contemporary equipment that helps students of the English Language program in their professional preparation. Also, students have access to the latest technologies, software, and tools that find applications in the field of the English Language.

The number of seats in lecture halls, seminars, and laboratories is satisfactory and sufficient for the needs of the study program. Usually, the halls have 60-100 seats, while the laboratories have between 60 and 100 seats.

UBT management monitors the needs for adequate space, inventory, teaching and learning spaces, computer services, software, libraries, and reading spaces on each campus related to curriculum and curricular activities.

The UBT library consists of two designated areas, the book storage area and the reading area. This separation allows for a more efficient service, access to books, and at the same time, necessary and sufficient quiet in the reading room. The current physical library contains over 250,000 printed books, one of the largest libraries in the region, as well as its e-books and databases from various publishers, while the weighting of books specific to the English Language can be found at the link lower.


ENG Library


In addition, UBT students have access to various digital e-Libraries, such as BIONE, EBSCO HOST, FMN, Cambridge Journals and JSTOR.