Research Centers and Offices

Research Centers



Research or Excellence Centers are the organizational spaces where research activities are supported and coordinated at not only a departmental, but an interdepartmental level. Each Research Center should be headed by a Coordinator.  There are ten proposed Centers:


1 Information Systems and Cyber Security Research Center
2 Mechatronics Research Center
3 Center for Research in Economics and Administrative Sciences
4 Center of Research for Economics and Strategy
5 Health Sciences Research Center
6 Energy Engineering Research Center
7 Research Center for Architecture and Civil Engineering
8 Research Center for Law and Justice
9 Center for Global and European Studies
10 Media and Communication Sciences Research Center


They would encourage inter-faculty and inter-disciplinary collaboration.  The Research Center staff organizes workshops and colloquia and other informal exchanges of information between faculty.  Workshops on using technology, particularly writing and footnote programs and data base use, preparing abstracts and publishing strategies would be helpful.  What might be even more helpful would be regular faculty presentations of their works-in-progress to their colleagues.


Such opportunities should be encouraged and promoted, again through the mechanism of offering service opportunities on the Review.  Disciplinary sections should meet at least once a month to read and review a colleague’s work which would be distributed to the faculty at least a week before the presentation.  The format of the presentation can be informal, but it is absolutely essential that a formal paper be prepared and distributed.  At least one faculty colleague should be assigned as a commentator on the work-in-progress and provide the presenter with written comments on her/his work-in-progress.


Encourage support disciplinary and inter-disciplinary faculty-student projects. Giving students a stake in research increases the stake in research of their advisors and of the faculty in general. They would encourage and support grant proposals, providing an institutional base for such applications with staff aid.  Faculty are encouraged to apply for research grants from EU, regional and US agencies, and the Research Centers could help prepare