Center for Leadership

Mission of the UBT – Center for Leadership


The Center will offer contemporary leadership frameworks and various soft skills developed at Harvard University and other renowned universities. 


Programs and Activities of the Center


The Center will fulfill its mission through various programs and activities:


– Providing a platform for learning and developing leadership capabilities where individuals from different sectors will have the opportunity to enhance their skills to be more effective in various positions within organizations or society. This will be achieved through programs, courses, workshops, or training sessions.

– Offering mentoring and consultancy for various sectors in Kosovo and beyond.

– Organizing leadership conferences focusing on specific issues.

– Creating a network of individuals from diverse sectors who want to address various problems and challenges.

– Raising awareness of the importance of leadership skills in improving the well-being of organizations, communities, and society as a whole.




Some of the core values of the center will include inclusivity, integrity, curiosity, empathy, dedication, and innovation. These values will enable the creation of a safe, collaborative, and supportive environment for learning, experimentation, and the development of leadership skills by everyone regardless of background.