Center for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning – Executive Academy

Since 2017, within the UBT function of the Preparatory School for Doctorate, the purpose of this school is to develop the skills of candidates and prepare them in the scientific aspect, for successful application in doctoral studies.

The Doctoral School has seven modules and during all this time, the candidates will receive knowledge from local and international lecturers, professionals in this field, while upon completion, the participants will be able to continue their doctoral studies at the international level.

 This course is offered once a year and is offered in English only.

The doctoral school offers various courses, special seminars and training programs in support of the scientific activity of UBT staff, students and also members of UBT partner institutions worldwide.

One of the most important goals of the Doctoral Preparatory School is to prepare future scientists from Kosovo and other countries for efficient and successful application in Doctoral schools in the most prestigious universities of EU member states.

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