UBT Center Budapest

The UBT Higher Education Institution (UBT) in a close collaboration with its Hungarian Partner Universities established the UBT Centre Budapest (UCB) that is located in the Buda Campus of Szent Istvan University. The UCB directly supervised by the rector-president of UBT, professor Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, and locally managed by the BME-UBT Transformative Research Center. The rector in support of the centre’s task established the UCB Advisory Committee.


The UCB serves as a hub for different activities in Hungary. It presents conferences and symposiums in collaboration with UBT and UBT partner institutions; hosts events for alumni and prospective students; serves as a vibrant forum for discussions of innovation, science, business, politics, music, art, and other relevant topics.

UBC provides different information services for the students and staff members of Hungarian Partner Universities, scientific and cultural institutions about the scientific and economic progress, cultural life in Kosovo and most importantly about the academic and research programmes of UBT. In addition, it provides information about the latest scientific achievements of UBT in the field of the scientific research, development of education and training programmes as well as innovation projects.

The mission of UCB is to establish itself as one of the most active foreign university centers in Europe and as a valuable platform for current and prospective leaders to exchange views on critical issues across sectors.