Center for Arts, Multimedia and Culture

UBT has established the Center for Art and Multimedia, a center which offers students the most popular practices that affect these areas as well.


This center includes multimedia internships as well as studio internships with the latest technologies developed by UBT, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). This center under its umbrella includes the conceptual and research center for the digital platform, which uniquely connects academia and technology.


Application of new technologies in art, design and architecture is one of the key points of this center, which with the combination of workshops organized within this center, awakens the creative approach of motivated and skilled students to give creative ideas and concepts. .


This center is a very good opportunity for young students, who want to gain a multidisciplinary approach between different fields that are mainly related to art and multimedia, as two fields that have a special importance in artistic and multimedia creativity.

  • Multimedia Practices
  • VR and AR technologies studio practices
  • Conceptual and research center for digital platform
  • Applying new technology in arts, design and architecture
  • Workshops for student creative approach
  • Multidisciplinary studio practices