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UBT STATS , 2021


Users may apply or process this data, in order for UBT STATS to become  known as the original post-purchase data source, specifying that the application and / or analysis is the result of the user’s independent data processing, and that neither the basic data nor any new processed version or application thereof may be sold or offered for sale in any form without prior permission from UBT STATS.


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UBT STATS was established in June 2013 and operates within the competence center for Statistics, Analysis and Forecasting. UBT STATS deals with the collection, organization and publication of statistical data. This came as a need to have a structured and organized statistical database consistent with international statistical practices, easily convertible for quantitative analysis, economics and forecasting, as well as various modeling, which will help decision-making at the level macroeconomic. The purpose of UBT STATS is to create a statistical database of Kosovo and to provide structured and comparable statistical information in a timely manner for all interested parties. UBT students for their works and projects will also be able to refer to this data as sources of reference, organized in a clear and easily understable form. The frequencies of statistical data are monthly, quarterly and annual. Source of information related to UBT STATS are public institutions in Kosovo such as: Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, etc. UBT STATS will also engage in certain projects that will involve even those information compiled based on UBT’s own research.


The Strategic Importance Of Statistics


Why is Statistics Important?


The importance of statistics can be understood with the phrase that “statistics are an essential part of our lives”. Economics, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, meteorology, sociology, communication and even information technology all use statistics. For many of these categories, the use of statistics in that area involves collecting data, analyzing it, coming up with a hypothesis, and testing that hypothesis.
In industry, statisticians design and analyze experiments to improve the safety, reliability, and performance of products of all kinds, from pens, home appliances to automobiles.
In hospitals, medical schools, and government agencies, statisticians study the control, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, injuries, and other health anomalies. In the pharmaceutical industry, statisticians design experiments to measure the effectiveness of drugs in treating diseases and to assess the likelihood of undesirable side effects.

So statisticians and Statistics in general play an important role in scientific studies to seek knowledge and improve life.
An example worked by UBT Stats in the field of Medicine (Migraine)



UBT STATS has created a statistical database of Kosovo which consists of 15 indicators, which are currently accessible to all stakeholders and also the use of each so far has been free.


To date, UBT STATS has performed Internal Statistics for the institution as well as the continuation of indicators, where their frequency is monthly, quarterly and annual.


The indicators in UBT STATS are:


– Education

– Business

– Agriculture and Rural Development


-Energy and Mining

-The Economy


– Work

– Government

– Financial Sector

– Health


Statistics of Academic and Adminsitrtive Staff                             Indicators in UBT Stats( ongoing)                                       Creation of 10-15 indicators os states


General statistics of students( Faculty, gender etc) Secondary Statistics Infographics (eg% of iphone users compared to others,most played games in 2021, etc.)
Student employment statistics after graduation


Statistics required by KAS and other institutions


Accreditation Statistics.


Other statistics about UBT.