Center of Enterprise Resources Planning – UBT SAP University Alliance

Center of Enterprise Resource Planning – UBT SAP University is created to support the UBT, academic institutions and staff, students, and industry partners.

The aim of Center of Enterprise Resource Planning – UBT SAP University is to support the creation, development, management, evaluation and audit of academic systems, as well as to contribute through service, education, training, certification, simulation, research, development of strategies, policies, and standards that have an impact on national and beyond.

The Center has close cooperation and official agreement with the SAP Univesity Competence Center (UCC) / Otto-von-Guericke-Universitat Magdeburg for the implementation and application of SAP ERP for the UBT in general and the specifical need of the Center. The initial agreement with the SAP University Competence Center is created in 2015.


The main focus of the Center is on three pillars:

  • Educational content and qualification
    • professional trainings and certification
    • study program development and support
  • Students
    • supporting students to increase their knowledge of the latest technologies on the market
    • career advancement
    • certification
  • Industry Partners
    • research activities/reports on the current and future trends of the ERP systems
    • preparation and offering skilled talents for ERP systems
    • joint projects with the industry