• Urban planning and traffic infrastructure

    Start date 29-May-2012 End date 29-May-2012

    Prishtina, May 16, 2012 - Dr. sc. Binak Beqaj, presented the scientific paper entitled "Urban planning and traffic infrastructure in Pristina", within the annual conference "Science Week" that was organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, respectively Department of Science.

    "Although there have been developed some initiatives in Pristina, for application of different experiences from developed countries, with regard to solving urban traffic problems through the Strategic Development Plan of Prishtina, their implementation has not occurred as a result of this , but also due to rapid urban growth (migration of population from other areas to Pristina) and Pristina as the urban area is not able to cater for a more developed network traffic, " said Dr. Beqaj.

    He added that the requirements relating to these urban elements are not adequately addressed through the development planning concepts and investment priorities, so that the current situation on the infrastructure of traffic appears complicated and no clear developmental perspective while politik-making while , professionals and civil society do not do the right things in a coordinated manner, concluded Dr. sc. Binak Beqaj.