UBT Ferizaj

UBT College Branch – Ferizaj implements the central mission of the UBT College which is to offer a dynamic and innovative academic environment. The mission of the College is also to provide a supportive and challenging opportunity for the students, faculty and staff in participatory and self-governance setting.  Building on a tradition of teamwork between students, faculty, staff and administrators, UBT College Branch – Ferizaj implements the mission of UBT College, which is the commitment to enhance its participation as an active member of community by providing learning opportunities driven by teaching and research excellence, intellectual interaction and creativity.

UBT College Branch – Ferizaj as an important part of intellectual and cultural activity in Kosovo, aims to improve the region’s quality of life through the skills, knowledge, experience and engagement of its faculty, staff, students and alumni. The branch implements one of the key strategic goals of the UBT College, which is serving the higher education needs and being closer to the local and regional community.


Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of the branch is the same as the mission and vision of UBT College and the development but also the implementation of the mission and vision takes place by following a strict process of staff consultation and wide debate led by the core management at the College level but also the branch level.  The resulting mission and vision reflect the fundamental values of the College UBT and are systematically deployed to all activities of the branch via strategy and programs that are reviewed on annual basis as part of the business cycle.