UBT Pejë

The mission of the Peja Branch is in compliance with the overall mission statement of UBT, which is to achieve academic excellence, maintain and increase internationalization, create positive working and learning environment, as well as to partner with the community. Accordingly, the mission of this branch is to provide superior education in the region of Peja.  To accomplish this mission, the branch has established objectives related to teaching, research, and service activities.


Based on statistics, Peja’s region has over 170.000 inhabitants, thus being one of the largest regions in Kosovo.  The mission of the branch aims to positively affect intellectual and cultural activity in this region by improving the quality of life in a regional level with abilities, knowledge, experience, and contribution of both staff and students.



Our Mission
Peja’s branch offers a dynamic and innovative 21st century academic environment. The branch provides a supportive and challenging opportunity for the students, faculty and staff in participatory and self-governance setting. Building on a tradition of teamwork between students, faculty, staff and administrators, the branch is committed to enhance its participation as an active member of community by providing learning opportunities driven by teaching and research excellence, intellectual interaction and creativity. Peja’s branch mission is to:

– be a preeminent center of intellectual and cultural activity in Kosovo

– improve the region’s quality of life through the skills, knowledge, experience and engagement of its faculty, staff, students and alumni.

– contribute to the growth, and strategic development of the Kosovo and region

– serve the region, by preparing leaders for the 21st century with a global outlook and the skills needed for educational, social, economic, political, environmental and cultural advancement.

In delivering the mission statement for the benefit of students and all other stakeholders, the institution has identified several strategic objectives:

  1. Achieving academic excellence – the institution aspires excellent quality standards and consistent active learning approaches which offer authentic experiences and an inspiring, values-based learning environment to a diversity.
  2. Developing research, innovation and social responsibility – offer innovative ways for learners, spin-in and spin-out companies as well as external clients to engage with enterprise supports and applied research, thus creating new knowledge and new employment.
  3. Creating a positive working and learning environment– the institution aims to offer a high-quality and supportive working and learning environment for all types of students (full- time, part-time, priority groups) and staff.
  4. Maintaining and increasing internationalization and regional partnerships – formation of the new local and international higher education alliances and continued excellent performance against international and regional efficiency and effectiveness benchmarks and
  5. Partnering with the community – will continue to forge strong links with industry and wider society, which will be supported through mainstream funding, alternative income streams and volunteering arrangements in order to provide service to industry and the community at institutional, staff and student level.



Our Vision

The UBT will be a modern and leading higher education institution in Kosovo, committed to apply excellence in teaching, learning and research within an inclusive student-centered environment through applying a multi-disciplinary approach that will contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the region, Kosovo, and beyond.

There are certain core values at UBT:

  • Dynamic environment that promotes personal and professional development
  • Reference point that disseminates international best practices and quality standards
  • Centre that rewards excellence in learning, teaching, research and innovation
  • Actions driven by the agreed benefits of all our stakeholders and community