UBT Prizren

UBT College Branch in Prizren was established to meet the needs of the local market and establish a better connection with the local and regional community of Prizren. The UBT College was licensed to operate as a private bearer of higher education by the Ministry of Education, Science and technology no. 808/02-1, date. 18.10.2004. The UBT College Branch Prizren was established in 2016 with the decision on licensing 648/16. The philosophy of the institution has been to offer competitive programs in education that would base teaching on labor market demands and international practices. UBT College Branch – Prizren is demand-driven though it has also offered programs in Architecture, Management, Business and Economy, Integrated Design, Computer Science, Food Science and Technology,  and Law where it feels that it can contribute to local and regional economic development of Prizren.

The UBT College Branch in Prizren will apply excellence in teaching, learning and research within an inclusive, student-centered environment to foster graduates  who are willing to take on or strengthen their leadership role in business, professions, industry, public service and society in the Prizren region. The institution will promote knowledge creation and knowledge transfer and is committed to the educational development of Prizren society in a way that reflects its regional and national priorities.




The main mission of our branch lies in transmitting knowledge and competences to future experts in the following areas:

– Development of information technology, digital economy and innovation as the first development opportunity for the labor market in this period of time.
– Architecture Design, Regulatory and spatial plan with special care for the historic part of the city of Prizren, incl. Architecture Heritage.
– Artistic design and modernization as a supporting part of traditional crafts.
– Food technology and processing of plant and animal feedstock;
– Implementation of good practices in industrial production;
– New development strategies for trading agricultural and agricultural products
– Administrative and Legal Competences, etc.



There are certain core values at UBT that are applied in the branch as well. Those values are:

  • Dynamic environment that promotes personal and professional development
  • Reference point that disseminates international best practices and quality standards
  • Centre that rewards excellence in learning, teaching, research and innovation
  • Actions driven by the agreed benefits of all our stakeholders and community