Students Management

UBT Student Union



UBT Student Union is an independent student organization. Its organization and composition follow the Guidelines of the Kosovo Student Union. The main objective of the organization is to promote academic and personal growth of students, transmit student opinion to UBT governing bodies, promote student participation on academic, research and social activities.  SU in cooperation with Student Support Service support the operation of Student Clubs.


Student Union is based on election procedure. Its organization include the following structures: Student Union President, Student Council, Student Assembly, Faculty Representative, Class Representative.  Students through democratic voting procedure select three Class Representative. Department representatives are proposed by Class Representatives. Student Council consists of all Faculty representatives. Student Assembly includes all class representatives. The President of the Student Union is elected through a competitive democratic election process.


Student Union Representatives are represented in the College in the following bodies: UBT Board, Academic Council, Quality Circle , Faculty Boards and other standing and ad hoc working groups.