Administration Management

The office of the secretary of UBT

The Office of the Secretary of UBT has the duty to plan, organize, coordinate and implement all necessary actions related to policies, personnel and administrative issues, leadership of the administration, to support and advise all bodies of UBT which are related to the implementation of legality as well as to protect and represent UBT in various legal and professional development processes.
The Office of the Secretary of UBT is headed by the Secretary who is the highest administrative officer within UBT and who is appointed by the Steering Council of UBT.
The Office of the Secretary is responsible for all legal and administrative affairs within the institution and reports to the Secretary, while the latter reports to the Steering Council of UBT.

The Office of the Secretary takes care that the administrative and legal affairs are efficient and affect the preservation and promotion of quality, as well as to create legal certainty in the activity of UBT.
Within the explicit competencies defined in the Office of the Secretary, are:
• Takes care of the implementation of the law and internal legal acts, as well as the professional administrative-legal support of the academic units within UBT;
• Takes care of the coordination of offices and services, as well as supports the organization of teaching – scientific activities in accordance with the general instructions issued by the President, Rector, Vice Rector, Deans of faculties and oversees their implementation;
• Is responsible for the management, planning, organization, control and reporting of exams according to the deadlines approved in accordance with UBT regulations;
• Is responsible for managing official documents and archiving them;
• Supervises the implementation of cooperation with other local and international institutions or entities, according to the instructions set by the President or Rector of UBT;
• Participates in the drafting of development plans;
• Drafts and presents to the Rector the development plan of the teaching process at UBT;
• Manages, ensures and increases the efficiency of the work of the administration.
• Provides the necessary administrative, legal and professional services in order to ensure and increase the efficiency of the administration and increase the quality of UBT.
• Ensures accurate coordination of all actions related to student requirements in relation to the UBT administration.
• Provides quality services for students and other employees at UBT.
• Takes care of recruitment, development and supervision of UBT staff, related to the implementation of laws and rules defined by UBT.
• Upgrades and preserves the image of UBT.

UBT Administration
Within its activity, the Administration of UBT is led and controlled by the Secretary of UBT, which has the obligation to lead and maintain administrative and academic documentation, as well as their archiving.
In the field of authorizations transferred to the UBT Administration, are:
• Registration requirements;
• Register of students enrolled in all study and research programs;
• Register of graduate students;
• Property documentation;
• List of research projects;
• Cooperation agreements and projects and projects;
• Copies of commercial contract;
• UBT work plan;
• UBT protocol and archive as well
• Perform other tasks in accordance with the requirements of the UBT Board.


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