Marketing Office

The marketing office at UBT includes Inbound and Outbound marketing management with a strong focus on digital marketing, online presence and social media communication.


The marketing office leads the creative aspect of the staff in implementing and developing creative and visual concepts that communicate clearly, effectively and quickly with the target audience.


Marketing services at UBT provide fast and user friendly information for all stakeholders. through intelligence technology, creativity and vision strategy. Starting from the modern infrastructure and technology of 5G and AR, the marketing office at UBT aims to develop the monitoring of the data analysis of the market developments, consumer preferences, needs and potentials that can be further created and fulfilled.


Among other things, the marketing office at UBT aims to integrate students of the faculty of Management, Business and Economics, Integrated Design, Media and Communication but also students of other faculties, in the marketing department to see up close the work processes as well as to further develop their skills towards a successful career.


The marketing office’s vision is to serve not only for the internal marketing processes related to education but also for the entire business community and innovation technology sector to inform and promote the latest trends and developments.