Marketing &Promotion

UBT Marketing office promotes the activities of the UBT and bring about increased awareness of the role it plays in the lives of students attending studies, from their first day on campus until their graduation. Main focus of UBT Marketing Office, consists of four prospective target groups:

  • First-time freshmen
  • Graduate students
  • Non-traditional students
  • Diverse student body


UBT Marketing and Promotion goals are:

  • Develop and launch a new branding campaign that will provide visibility of the comprehensive make-up of UBT and all its connecting parts.
  • Implement marketing strategies that will target key internal and external audiences.
  • Expand efforts to position UBT as an internationally recognized innovative academic college that focuses on unique student-centered Study Programs.
  • Create awareness to the business community about UBT professional development efforts to provide training for graduating students.
  • Create a learning-centered culture.
  • Strengthen the UBT partnership with the community.