Management of Scientific Research

UBT Office of Research Development

Contact: Hasan Metin, Director of Research Development Office, [email protected]



UBT Office of Research Development is dedicated administrative position who answers directly to the Rector to develop and oversee university-wide research strategies that would aim to enhance and coordinate research activity among faculty researchers, staff and students.  The mission is to enhance research and innovation activity at UBT, by mobilizing faculty, staff and students in research work through models of research-based teaching, research projects, working with businesses and industry, initiating and creating research and innovation transfer


The main functions of the Office of Research Development are:

  • Coordinate research between Research Centers.
  • Engage in outreach to the private and government sectors in order to create joint enterprises with those entities.
  • Support technology transfer from research and innovation to market, from business incubation to start-ups, and from idea to prototyping and marketing.  It would also aid in developing and implementing regulations and guidelines for patents, copyrights and intellectual property rights.
  • Oversee the Merit Review Committees that recommend ratings based on the Year-End Reviews, and would work with the Rector to establish normative standards for research, teaching and service.
  • Oversee and report to the Rector on the research materials needed by the faculty to conduct research.  Research data bases like J-Stor and EBSCO must be made available and faculty must be encouraged to use them.  It organizes workshops to acquaint faculty with such databases and with their use.  The ORD should also coordinate its efforts with the staff of the library.
  • Organize international conferences by providing staff support to local organizers and coordinating with IT to create a conference webpage and prepare technology for the conference. .
  • Actively promote ethnics and quality assurance in research by providing training and workshops to support research integrity among faculty and students, including using software to identify student plagiarism