Industry Cooperation Management

UBT Industry Cooperation Office



UBT cooperates closely with many national and international companies.The main goal of this cooperation is the transfer of knowledge (know-how) and technology. As a result of the cooperation with our international partners, UBT until has cooperate with more than a hundred international academics, from the USA, Europe and South-East Asia, working with our students and our academic staff. Cooperation with these partners makes it possible for our students to expand their academic knowledge, as well as developing research and development projects which are of great benefit to the industrial and economic development of Kosova.


Further, UBT students are given opportunities for study visits at some of our partners abroad, depending on the area of study and research projects they have chosen.A significant place on the UBT partner list belongs to Kosova institutions and companies, which are assisted in the implementation of specific projects, especially in areas where experience, knowledge and modern technology is demanded.


Each Faculty  has established an Industry Advisory board which advises on the needs of industry and how well current graduates meet these needs.Other formal links consist of the appointment of external from companies that are likely to recruit graduates from the UBT. Members of staff maintain both formal and informal links with companies and other external agencies – research and professional links, sitting on boards of external agencies, providing consultancy and advice etc.