Monitoring Developments

Monitoring national and external environment


UBT monitors developments both in the internal and external environment. Those developments pertain to the political/legal requirements, economic indicators, social indicators and technological readiness.


Monitoring External Environment


With regard to the changes  in the external environment UBT devotes particular attention to initiatives and developments in the context of EU Lisbon Strategy, the Bologna Group, the European Network of Information Centers, EU Directives on Regulated Professions and European Qualification Framework. With regard to developments and best practices in quality assurance UBT regularly monitors the European Association of Quality Assurance in Higher Education.


In relation to best practices in HE management, programmes, services and funding models it regularly monitors the developments in the European University Association (EUA).  Best practices related to student and staff mobility it follows the developments in the EU Erasmus + Initiative.  Developments related to research and industry cooperation are monitored in the context of Horizon 2020 Initiative, Western Balkans Research and Innovation Initiative, OECD SEE Reports and Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Smart Growth Initiative.


Monitoring National Environment


UBT follows national trends and changes in the education legal framework, standards and administrative instructions. In the dimension of quality management, it regularly participates and contributes to Kosovo Accreditation Agency Capacity Development Seminars and EU Tempus Seminars. With regard to institutional management and standards, it regularly monitors legal standards and amendments to the Law on Higher Education, Administrative Instruction on the Accreditation of Private Bearers of Higher Education, National Qualification Framework and Administrative Instruction on the Licensing of Private Bearers of Higher Education and National Bologna Group Experts (HERE).


As part of the Strategic Plan Review process it has consulted the Kosovo National Development Plan 2016-2021, Kosovo Strategic Education Plan 2017-2021, Kosovo Vision for Skills 2016-2021, Kosovo Research Plan, Kosovo Innovation Strategy as well as sectors strategies in trade, ICT, public administration, business, law, transport and agriculture.


UBT uses a number of platforms to monitor developments in labour market and sectors. The purpose of the monitoring process is to ensure a better alignment of its educational offer with labour market needs. It regularly contributes and feeds the newly established SMIAL (Higher Education Management Information System). It monitors both quarterly and annual Labour Market Force Survey and Labour Market Information System.