UBT Vision


The UBT will be a modern and leading higher education institution in Kosovo, committed to apply excellence in teaching, learning and research within an inclusive student-centered environment through applying a multi-disciplinary approach that will contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of Kosovo and beyond


There are certain core values at UBT


  • Sought after place to study and work
  • Dynamic environment that promotes personal and professional development
  • Reference point that disseminates international best practices and quality standards
  • Centre that rewards excellence in learning, teaching, research and innovation
  • Actions driven by the agreed benefits of all our stakeholders and community


UBT Strategic Goals


  • Transdisciplinary = Cross Disciplines and Internationalization
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Resilience, Sustainable Development, Small Scale Ecosystem
  • Achieving Academic, Business and Governance Excellence
  • Maintaining and increasing Internationalization and regional partnerships
  • Creating Positive Living, Working and Learning Environment
  • Partnership with the Community – Co-Creator
  • Research based Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility