Linux 1

Aim of the module / training

The aim of this module is to expand the human resources capacity of the Linux operating system.

Through this module, participants will gain hands-on knowledge of the Linux operating system, its capabilities, installation of servers, their operation, security, user management, scripts and more.

A brief overview of module content;

  • Introduction
  • System architecture
  • Startup levels
  • Installing Linux
  • Package management
  • UNIX commands
  • File system hierarchy
  • Equipment
  • (Shell Scripting)
  • Windows System X
  • Administrative affairs
  • Basic system services
  • (Mail Transfer Agent Basic)
  • Printer management and printing
  • Basic knowledge of networks
  • Basic network configuration
  • Solve basic network problems
  • Providing Linux operating system
  • Host Security
  • Providing encrypted data

Duration: 60 hours