The laboratories, the library, profiles, classrooms, teaching areas, and the student office provide for program sustainability and a strong foundation for students in their own orientation. It is an infrastructure that helps students convert the theoretical aspects into the practical aspect in order to achieve their best potential and consequently prepare them after graduation.


The number of seats in lecture halls, seminars and laboratories is sufficient and satisfactory to meet the needs of the study program, especially the groups of Master’s students. Laboratories usually have 40 to 60 seats available in accordance with existing standards. The lectures can easily and adequately accommodate 60 – 130 MBE Master students, which is considered to be a suitable space for each orientation within the groups. Typically, the lecture size is halved for research and analysis in order to ensure adequate interaction between the practical lessons and the theoretical part. Licensed applications such as: Microsoft – Office, SAP, EXPERT accounting software, data processing software SPSS, Stata, etc. are used in the MBE program. All these software and applications are installed on UBT laboratories and are fully available to students and professors.


UBT has a library of about 300,000 titles representing essential and rich resources, including online ones (Jstore, Sage, Ebsco) covering disciplines within the curricula. Students can also refer to materials available on the Moodle platform provided and tailored by professors for their needs. The teaching staff is required to provide reference books available and correspond to the course content – including some of the books available at the UBT library. Only for the MBE discipline there are 11425 copies.