The program has access to modern infrastructures equipped with contemporary equipment that helps MBE students in their professional preparation. Also, students have access to the latest technologies, software, and tools that can be implemented in Management, Business, and Economy.


The number of seats in the lecture, seminars and laboratories rooms is satisfactory and in adequate level regarding to study program needs. Labs usually have between 20 to 30 seats. Lectures may have 50 – 60 students for the faculty of MBE. Typically, the lecture size is split into half for practical exercises to ensure adequate interaction.


UBT management follows needs for adequate premises, inventories, teaching and learning spaces, IT utilities, software, library and reading rooms in each Campus regarding to activities of Curricula and Syllabus. Software utilized are those from generic Microsoft package – Office, SAP (authorized licenses), Accounting software, SPSS, Stata etc. They are available at the premises of UBT.


UBT library consists of two designated areas for the book storing area and the reading space. This separation enables the delivery of a more efficient service, opportunity for access to books and, at the same time, tranquility necessary and sufficient in the reading room. The current physical library is depicted with its stacks of 250,000 printed books, one of the biggest library around, as well as its e-books and publisher databases. UBT students have access to different digital e-Libraries, such as: BIONE, EBSCO HOST, IMF, Cambridge Journals and JSTOR.