Management, Business and Economy

The Master program in Management, Business and Economics at UBT provides an advanced academic education in the respective fields. A foremost aim of the program is to offer management education for graduates of Economics, Business, Engineering, Social or other related sciences, enabling them to work effectively in a highly competitive national and international market environment. A successful completion of studies allows for a variety of employment opportunities at mid-managerial or executive levels in national or international companies that operate in a complex economic environment, in both public and private sectors.


The program incorporates a balanced mix of specialized economic and business management courses, enabling students to develop business and personal skills required for further use in their future careers.  The program develops a unique approach to analyzing modern operational management methodologies and techniques to achieve efficiency. Also, the program integrates the requirements of strategic business management, business requirements related to financial and marketing strategies, and the tools and techniques for market research. The practical component of the program emphasizes real connections with people in business, develops leadership skills and helps students master the growing demands of national and international markets.


Also, this program also allows candidates to engage in academically oriented professions or pursue further studies at a doctorate level.

MBE Preview