Management, Business and Economy

Faculty of Management, Business, and Economics at UBT aims to create leaders and successful decision-makers in the public sector as well as in the private sector. UBT achieve his goal through this faculty reaches offering a quality education in the fields of management, business, and economy. Academic programs at UBT embody excellence in YOU, raise confidence and develop excellent leadership skills that will help you throughout your career too.


Master Program in the Faculty of Management, Business and Economics is designed in that manner to provide the student the most advanced knowledge in all dimensions of organization and management of businesses and other organizations. The focus of this program is to prepare graduates for the global labor market by offering knowledge from different fields of economics, engineering, public procurement, marketing and sales, entrepreneurship and promoting investment and economic development.



ProgramMaster Management, Business and Economy


The programme aims to respond the essential needs of an emerging private sector in Kosovo. Kosovo’s economy is short on capable and skilled individuals that would complement and steer the process of private sector development. While there are many public and private sector institutions offering similar programmes in substance, it is the focus on skills, areas, methodology of delivery and approach of the programme that should make it both new and a rewarding experience for students.


The program accommodates a wide diversity of backgrounds and learning environments. The curriculum is appropriate for: new students graduates with degrees in a variety of fields; experienced  professionals seeking to upgrade their skills and to understand management issues, experienced management professionals seeking to upgrade their skills in managing businesses/ ventures and professionals from many other fields seeking a change in careers.  During the second year of study students can specialise in one of the areas: (a) Banking, Finance and Accounting, (b) Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, (c) Marketing and Sales, (d) International Business and (e) Logistics and Procurement


Admission into the program is offered to bachelor students that have met the minimum national and institutional criteria. The program is focused towards the students/professionals from the following industries: banking and finance, marketing and PR, entrepreneurs, executives of public and private companies, large scale project managers etc. Engineering, retail and manufacturing, public sector and non-for profits, IT/Telecoms and Consulting are also targeted.





Duration2 years  120 ECTS
Mode of ImplementationFull-time
PartnersUBT, University of Napoli, University of Danube Krems
QualificationMaster of Management, Business and Economy





Banking, Finance and Accounting

Management, entrepreneurship and innovation

Marketing and Sales

International Business

Logistics and Procurement Management






Banking Sector

Small and Medium Enterprise

International Business



PHD Study



Other details

·         Visiting International Professors

·         Diploma recognised nationally and internationally

·         Harmonised with best European and US practices

·         Recognition of prior learning as part of SCAAK Accounting Program

·         Student mobility offered as part of CEEPUS and Ermasmus Mundus / Erasmus Plus

·         Incubation and UBT Business Incubator

·         Training and certification IPMA, CISCO, Comptia, SAP

·         Employment Assistance at Career Centre

·         Moodle Platform



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