Management, Business and Economy

Mission of MBE

The MBE program and its objectives are in line with the main mission of UBT. The mission of the program is to apply excellence in teaching, learning and research within an inclusive student-centered environment to foster graduates of distinction that are ready to take or enhance their leadership role in business, the professions, industry, public service and society.


This study program provides the most advanced knowledge in all dimensions of Management, Business, and Economics by offering academic education in a local environment with international expertise to create an environment to enhance cooperation between students, teaching staff, administration and community.


The design of the program as well as the proposed orientations have taken into account the National Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework, when designing the expected learning outcomes of this program. Students who successfully complete the program will be able to apply their knowledge and understanding in a way that demonstrates a professional approach to work, and possess competencies typically demonstrated through the formulation and support of arguments and solving problems within the field of Management, Business, and Economics. They will also be able to use information technology in organizational design and management, develop a strategic understanding of the main functions of the program’s subjects. Therefore, these results of the MBE program are in full harmony with the European Qualifications Framework on Higher Education as well as with the level 6 descriptor of the National Qualifications Framework, which emphasizes that individuals who achieve qualifications at this level must have advanced knowledge about the field of work or study, including critical understanding of theories and principles. After completing of the studies, they should be able to demonstrate the skill and innovation to solve complex problems in their specialized field of work or study. This may include: the use of certain skills, practices and materials which are specialized and advanced or which are primary in a subject, discipline or field of work. Also, the expected results of the orientations are in full compliance with the National Framework of Qualifications, and the European Framework of Qualifications of Higher Education, where students after completing this level of studies will have advanced knowledge about the field of work or study, as well as demonstrate knowledge and understanding of ways of developing a certain subject.


Also, this program also allows candidates to engage in academically oriented professions or pursue further studies at a doctorate level.

MBE Preview