Aims and Objectives

The Master program in Management, Business, and Economics at UBT provides an advanced academic education in the respective fields. A foremost aim of the program is to offer rigorous management education for graduates of Economics, Business, Engineering, Social or other related sciences, enabling them to work effectively in a highly competitive international market environment.


The successful completion of studies allows a variety of work on an executive level in national or international companies that operate in a complex economic environment, in both the public and the private sector. Also, the degree qualifies students to enter into academically oriented professions or continue the studies at the doctorate level.



The programme aims to respond the essential needs of an emerging private sector in Kosovo. Kosovo’s economy is short on capable and skilled individuals that would complement and steer the process of private sector development. While there are many public and private sector institutions offering similar programmes in substance, it is the focus on skills, areas, methodology of delivery and approach of the programme that should make it both new and a rewarding experience for students.



Objectives of the program:

  • Balancing business units and the economy, enabling students to develop and strengthen business skills, which are required to make them independent in the future career;
  • Development of a methodological approach to analysis, solutions of problems and decision making, all overseen by the application of modern operational management methodologies with the aim of achieving efficiency;
  • Integration of strategic business management of applications and mechanisms of market research;
    To pay specific attention to connections with people in business develops and strengthens leadership skills and helps Master students recognize growing demands of international markets;


Expected Results
After successful completion of Master Program of Management, Business, and Economics, students will be able to:

  • Apply their critical and integrated thinking;
  • Use information technology in organizational and management design;
  • To communicate effectively;
  • To analyze domestic and global forces that affect organizational success;
  • Identify and evaluate ethical dilemmas associated with the business decision;
  • To manage organizational flows individually and in groups;
  • Assess the financial position of the organization;
  • Develop a strategic understanding of key business functions, management, accounting, economics, finance, international business, management information system, marketing, operations, etc.;
  • Be willing to give their knowledge to the success of group interest as well as for organizations which are in risk management in business.