The study program is open to all citizens of Kosovo and foreigners without distinction, those who have completed bachelor studies in social and natural sciences, equivalent to 180 ECTS credits. Those who meet the criteria set forth in accordance with Kosovo higher education law, those who have demonstrated high success in bachelor studies and have achieved an average grade of 7.5 / 10, and have practical experience, are the target of our studies at the master’s level. The program is also open to candidate transfers from other local or foreign universities as long as they are licensed and accredited by the relevant institutions.


Interested candidates complete the application for registration by attaching the necessary documents and submitting them to the Student Service Office. The required documents during the application are:

  • Application Form (Application) to be obtained from the Student Service Officer (SSO) or Online Application;
  • Diploma / Graduation Certificate (bachelor studies); Faculty Degree (bachelor degree);
  • Birth Extract,
  • CV for Working Candidates.


The candidate can also apply by email: [email protected].

Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis within the timeframe set for all students to enhance the fairness of the admission procedure and to enable identifying special needs of prospective students.


Regulation on student registration