Infrastructure and equipment


The Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning provides the necessary facilities which aim to enhance the academic performance of teachers and students within the premises of UBT. Mainly academic activities take place in facilities dedicated to lecturing activities and exercises for students but also in additional facilities in which students work independently. UBT branches are almost located throughout Kosovo such as (Prishtina, Lipjan, Ferizaj and Prizren)

Due to the fact, owing to the infrastructure of the Faculty are adequately interweaved the theoretical and the practical part, creating a natural relation of development of the respective modules that are built as a symbiosis of the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical is carried out in classrooms with not very large capacity with a maximum of (150 students).Meanwhile, the practical part – exercises takes place in classes with 25 students. As a result of this infrastructure and the division of classes into very small groups provide a direct approach to students and increase teacher-student interactivity by favoring project-based teaching and individual contacts and work together in specific projects.

Since the study curriculum integrates the application of didactic tools to successfully develop teaching and learning, the Faculty has a large set of infrastructure in which the main modules or even the supporting ones of the curriculum are developed. In addition, these didactic tools and equipment are located in the respective laboratories and various centers that are within UBT and that help the student in developing knowledge and projects through the use of this infrastructure.

The high level of interdisciplinary approach between curricula and modules, has led to set up  of numerous laboratories which are being used by students of the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning in order to study and generate multidisciplinary knowledge.

The faculty is closely related to industry and some modules are realized within professional practices that are part of the study curriculum. Consequently, students carry out the modeling part in the centers that UBT has for modeling, simulation and visualizations needed to better realize and understand the projects and phenomena they are studying. The infrastructure and various laboratories of other academic units are available to students of Architecture and Spatial Planning especially when students are developing multidisciplinary projects.

The part of the infrastructure available to the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning is:


  • Amphitheaters for group lectures
  • Exercise classes
  • IT Laboratory
  • Modeling laboratory
  • Materials Laboratory
  • Space and room for exhibition
  • Library
  • Spaces for independent work and practice;