Industry Partnership

The bachelor study program in Architecture and Spatial Planning at UBT is closely related to industry. In the 6th semester through the course Professional field work practice, students with the help of professors are introduced to the industry and practical work. For this, partnerships have been created with various companies and institutions in the professional field.


Connections with the industry and partnerships are maintained and promoted by the Industrial Board of the Faculty which consists of:

  • Zekë Islamaj – kryetar
  • Kreshnik Muhaxheri
  • Gent Hasimja
  • Marjan Ivezaj


The architecture and construction industry represents a good market for employment.

The Kosovo labour market demand for architecture professionals has been particularly high in recent years.  Based on a recent study of higher education graduate demand in economic and skill sectors (EC/LSE, 2015) in Western Balkans and Kosovo, construction and architecture technicians and professionals is one of the most dynamic occupations in employment growth in Kosovo. The construction and architecture sector captures nearly 20 percent of annual economic activity in Kosovo and in recent years has been the key source of growth and income generation.