The programme admission criteria are as follows:

  • Students that have completed an undergraduate degree in Construction and Infrastructure
  • Students that have completed an undergraduate degree in civil engineering
  • Students that have completed an undergraduate degree in architecture
  • Students that have graduated from business and administration fields who demonstrate prior work experience in construction engineering are able to complete the Preparation Packages involving several undergraduate courses delivered at UBT


  • The programme is designed to attract:
  • Students with upper secondary degrees in arts, construction, architechture and manufacturing
  • Students who have been working in a narrowly focused architecture and design
  • Students from other disciplines wnat to change career pathsm namly students from science, mathematics and engeneering, students from business and administration science.
  • Professionals working in industry, ICT, interested to uppgrade their skills and career ladder


  • UBT Students have the opportunity to attend lectures at the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning at Lipjan Campus, which provide appropriate infrastructure opportunities for all students. What is of a particular importance of the campus is the library which has over 50,000 digitalized books (E-Library) and which are easily accessible by students. Furthermore, the workspace for the Laboratories enables the implementation of students group projects under the supervision of professors / assistants / tutors. Another area of ​​great socialization is the campus winery, where students meet, communicate and discuss during breaks between lectures. UBT also offers various opportunities such as study tours, employment opportunities, advancements in their vocational guidance, and various professional activities (visits, trainings, certifications and courses for professional advancement)