Engagements and Community

UBT is committed to helping the community, as we consider as an institution also a social responsibility to the community. Our staff and students are support partners in the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Click here to view the campaign.

On behalf of International Hypertension Day, UBT staff and students have conducted activities providing health services to citizens in all centers of Kosovo, as well as providing health advice.

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UBT makes regular visits to the nursing home, distributes symbolic gifts and spends a day with them so that they too can feel part of the community. Within the framework of UBT, we have embarked on with  awareness campaigns to empower women in society, mark the International Day without Vehicles and regularly help citizens in need, regardless of age, gender or race.

UBT students and staff are role models in Kosovo in giving creative ideas to the citizens of the country.

Another important activity of the Media Group during 2019 involves the organization of public interest activities and activities to serve the community through which UBT students are engaged. Campaigns are as follows:


  • Awareness campaign for traffic safety

UBT Link: https://www.ubt-uni.net/sq/policia-dhe-studentet-shperndajne-broshura-me-mesazhe-sensibilizuese-per-siguri-ne-komunikacion/

Link: https://telegrafi.com/policia-dhe-studentet-shperndajne-broshura-mesazhe-sensibilizuese-per-siguri-ne-komunikacion/


  • Awareness campaign for women’s empowerment

UBT Link: https://www.ubt-uni.net/sq/ubt-fillon-kampanjen-une-mbeshtes-fuqizimin-e-grave-dhe-vajzave/

Link: https://telegrafi.com/ubt-fillon-kampanjen-une-mbeshtes-fuqizimin-e-grave-dhe-vajzave/


  • Humanitarian Action “Students for Albania”

UBT Link: https://www.ubt-uni.net/sq/ubt-nis-aksionin-humanitar-studentet-per-shqiperine/

Link: https://telegrafi.com/ubt-nis-aksionin-humanitar-studentet-per-shqiperine


  • Mobilizing students to participate in Klan Kosovo, television debates

Link: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=179170156641536

  • Awareness campaign against smoking

UBT Link: https://www.ubt-uni.net/sq/studentet-e-infermierise-apelojne-qytetaret-qe-te-mos-konsumojne-duhan/

  • Environmental awareness campaign

Join our cause, for ourselves, for Kosovo, for the world…! To preserve the environment in which we live, to protect Kosovo.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDwjyzZcu3M