Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship and Innovation are priorities within UBT and for this purpose we have established our

centers and institutes such as follows:

  • Technology Transfer Center
  • The Knowledge Center
  • INSPIRE Center
  • Center for Urban Studies

As matter of a fact, we are proud of the Virtual Incubator of Kosovo and our Start Up Center and the

goal has been to establish the UBT Entrepreneurship Center. The project started in 2014. Therefore it is worth emphasizing that almost 150 students participated, out of which over 40 business plans passed a phase of monitoring by professors. As a result, the most successful were awarded certificates. One of the most significant processes within the framework of incubator has been the foundation of the virtual incubator, where there were presentations during October and November last year. American experts have strongly aided the establishment of the incubator.

We are available to students, businesses and government institutions to provide support and advice in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.