Turkish language

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of this program is to train and certify participants for beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, pre-advanced and advanced levels. Besides that, it’s a great opportunity to for all those who want to further advance their knowledge in Turkish language and achieve utmost proficiency of this language.

Who can attend the language course

In addition it is also a great chance for those who need knowledge of the Turkish language and who need the Turkish language, whether for study or work, and who need to expand their knowledge in the field of language further.

Meanwhile it’s a also a  good opportunity for all those, seeking to be promoted in the workplace, the unemployed, persons with disabilities, as well as designated persons of different communities, at UBT have the opportunity to be trained and certified with French language skills. This is also intended for highly qualified people who need to know the language to follow technological developments that do not have sufficient knowledge in this field.

Courses for specific purposes are organized owing to the needs and based on the area of ​​interest of the candidates: economics, law, medicine, education, media, architecture, construction, etc.

Hours: 24 hours a month

Hours per module: 72 hours

Monthly fee: 40 Euro