German language

The purpose of program


This program aims to train and certify the participants of these levels: beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced, for all of those who have some knowledge in German language but need improvement towards a satisfying level of it. Also, this course is designed for all of those who want to strengthen their knowledge. In each level the participants are prepared to continue with the following ones.


People who can attend the courses:

The courses are available for all those who need knowledge in German language field and language itself, whether for studies or for work, or perhaps for expanding their knowledge for further on in the field of language; people that ask for promoting themselves in their jobs, the unemployed ones, people with disabilities and people of different communities.

In UBT they have the chance to be trained and certified in German language. These courses are also available to highly qualified people who need German for being up to date with developments in technology but they lack information in this field.