The Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning as an academic unit within the UBT has the main focus on qualitative teaching and advanced methods, as well as on other academic activities that support and are added value to teaching, learning and the academic process. 



The Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning also generates knowledge through research that is an integral part of teaching and academic staff-student interaction. This knowledge generated through individual and group research is applied and transmitted to students through the academic teaching process, community projects, faculty exhibition, scientific conference at UBT, etc. 



The Faculty organizes extracurricular activities with the aim to generate added value in Architecture studies and offers possibility for additional competences in the built-up of the Architecture professional, such as 

The Faculty also organizes extracurricular activities in order to generate additional value in Architecture studies and offers opportunities for additional competencies in building the profession of Architect, such as: 

  • Summer academy 
  • Scientific conference 
  • Exhibition 
  • Open thematic lectures 
  • Study visits. 



  • 2015

  • 2016



  •  Ferizaj 2016



  • 2017

2.Study visit-Excursion , Study visit-Industry

3.Thematic lectures

4.Summer Academy