The study concept of the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning, as well as that of UBT as a whole, places the student at the center and orients all academic activities in support of the professional, academic and educational development of students. 


In addition to regular studies, the student has many opportunities for additional education, certifications and training offered by UBT.  


Students are also organized into student organizations that help address the academic and social demands of students, they are integrated into Faculty organisational structures and help students be part of decision making. 



UBT students are offered services through the UBT Career Center which connects students with industry by being part of various fairs and mediating professional internships for students in public and private institutions in order to create relationships for their future engagement. 


Graduates of the program are prepared to pursue careers in professional practices, consulting firms, industry, research, development organizations, and academic institutions.   



Bachelor studies 

Criterias for enrollment of the Bachelor level studies are as follows: 

  • High-school diploma 
  • Passing certificate of Matura exam 


*Priority is given to candidates with high-school average grade higher than 3.5. 

*Candidates from abroad need to have equivalence approval from MESTI for their diploma/certificates. 


Master studies 

Criterias for enrollment of the Master level studies are as follows: 

  • University studies diploma, Bachelor level* 


*Candidates with Bachelor degree from Architecture, Civil Engineering are registered directly. Candidates with diploma on other fields may be enrolled while taking the Preparatory Package with preparatory complementary courses for studies in Architecture. 


When applying for enrollment, candidates need to supply additional supporting documents such as CV, Birth Certificate or the Extract of Birth, etc. For more information please contact Registration Desk.