Students ID Card

Student ID Policy

The UBT Student Photo ID card will identify you as a student of the College in order to facilitate the safety, academic integrity and security of the college community and college property and to improve access to college services and facilities.



Students: To receive a student ID card, students must be registered for classes for the current or upcoming semester. UBT issues a photo identification card (ID) to each student and employee. The ID card serves as proof of student/employee status within UBT and provides access to many resources provided throughout the University including libraries, residence halls, and dining services as well as providing basic access to campus buildings themselves. The Office of IT issues all student ID cards.



There is a 10€ charge for a replacement ID card in cases where the card is lost, stolen, has intentional damage (e.g. holes punched in the card, snapped in two, etc.), or the cardholder wishes to retake their photo.


Additional Info:

Your Student Photo Identification Card is valid only while you are an active registered student in the college.

You are required to present your card when asked by a member of UBT staff or by Security Officers, so please remember to carry it with you at all times.