Grades Transcript


Grades transcript is an official document which is at the same time an overview of assessment of academic studies at UBT. Besides that, it confirms if the fact if you have been an enrolled

student at UBT and it consists of the following information:


  • Your personal data, study program, qualification and achievement for each subject under the study syllabus, along with grades and credits achieved.
  • The grade transcript/statement is issued 5 days from the date of application, which is issued once a semester without the need for any additional fees.
  • For students who have completed their studies, document services, in this case also the grade transcript must pay according to UBT regulations.
  • For use in the offices of this document, it must be signed and signed by persons authorized by UBT, part of the Student Affair Office.




Confirmation letter is a document through which you can confirm your status as a current student. Only your information declared during the enrollment process and archived in the student data management system will be presented on the student status statement.

Standard information includes:

  • Name/surname
  • Student ID
  • Date and place of birth
  • Study program and enrollment date
  • Duration of studies

To obtain a confirmation of your status, you must submit the application and specify thepurpose of its use.

For use in the offices of this document, it must be signed and signed by UBT Authorized Persons, part of the Student Affairs Office.