Student Services

  • The Students Office offers the following services;
    • Submission of enrolment request;
    • Submission of documents for fulfilling the personal file;
    • Signing the study contract;
    • Submission of the request for taking the confirmation that you are a full-time student in UBT;
    • Acquiring the confirmation that you are a full-time students in UBT;
    • Information about the study schedule;
    • Information about unexpected changes in study schedule;
    • Information about the schedule of examinations;
    • Information about unexpected examination change in schedule; të orarit të provimit;
    • Submission of examination;
    • Information about the results of examination;
    • Submission of request for taking the grades transcript;
    • Harmonization of the number of credits in relevance with subjects and converting of grades in percentage and vice-versa;
    • Acquiring the grades transcript;
    • Submission of different requests foreseen in the study contract;
    • Observation of individual file;


    How to have access in the Office of Student Services ?


    You may directly have contact with the Office of Students Services, where you take the respective application form and fill it. In the application form you briefly explain the aim of your request.

    • You may also submit your request through internet.


    The timetable of Office of Student Services

    • You have access in this office within the work timetable, from 9.00-17.30.

    As far as the request that need an administrative respond are concerned, you may take the reply within a day. Whereas the requests that ask for a professional respond or a decision from the respectives bodies in UBT, are submitted at least 48 hours that you need your document to be available.