The study programs are compiled and developed in relevance to Kosovos needs and by incorporating the best international practices of the foreign Universities as far as this perspective are concerned. Beside that it is designed to meet the needs of the society which is continuously undergoing and being subject to transformative processes. This a multifaceted processes which involves an in depth scrutiny of a broad scope of other study programs, it draws parallelisms with the existing study program when it comes to be compared to others in order to integrate the best components. The last phase is that of close-reading and reviewing the program.

The review of the program is carried out and based on the following pillars;

1)      An questionnaire which is filled by the students after the end of each semester, where they share their opinion and provide an evaluation for the respective subject

2)      Questionnaires which are filled by Alumni, the institution in collaboration with the departments organize questionnaires which aim to perceive the feedback of Alumni

3)      The Commission which is responsible for the study program is in charge of all modifications and changes that are made in the respective program, the commission involves in itself academic staff and student representatives

4)      The director of the program continuously provides changes and reviews the individual programs on regular basis and makes improvements which are submitted to the Director of Academic Affairs of UBT College

5)      The directors follow the latest trends of Higher Education in Europe as well as actively participate in conferences and international seminars. In addition they follow the latest trends of industry and which are related to the aspects that incorporate research and make a comparison among the best practices in international level.