Advanced Excel

The aim of this training module is to:

In the framework of this course candidates will learn about the best practices of working with MS Excel, such as using advanced MS Excel techniques and tools, such as: conditional formatting, graphs, sorting, filters, subtotal, special paste, text import, cell naming, goal seek, date and time functions, mathematical functions, statistical functions, functions  text, financial functions, lookup and reference functions, database functions data, use of combined functions, use of new data in one or two tables, what if analysis, pivot table creation, audit scenarios, deployment of comments, view, remove and improve comments, macros.

You will learn how to carry out a fully-fledged analysis and make use of the following elements:

  • Statistical and financial calculations
  • Managing variables in worksheet templates through scenarios
  • Build scenario reports
  • Compare and contrast different data from Manager Scenario
  • Profit determination through Goal Seek
  • Implementation of consolidation (merger, merger) techniques
  • Summary of data containing the 3-D worksheet
  • Defining the best combination of values ​​to solve complex business problems
  • Designing business trends
  • Creating interactive data reports through Pivot Table
  • Creating macros to facilitate data analysis

Price: 110 €

Duration: 18 hours

Literature and certificates are included in the price, and certification is an optional choice from Microsoft for MS Excel.